Cross-Country Painting and Hibbard Mittens

I’ve been cross-country skiing almost every day now for weeks. The snow has been wonderful. One day I skied by a striking grove of young sycamore trees and I immediately wanted to paint it. Today the temperature went up to 30 F, so I did something I’ve always wanted to do: ski into a site and paint. I put my pochade box and other gear in my backpack, put on my skis, and headed for the sycamore grove. I painted for an hour and then skied for another hour to get in my exercise.

I finally learned how to keep my hands warm while oil painting in the cold: Hibbard Mittens. You put an old mitten or wool sock on your hand and then poke the end of the brush through the material so you can hold the brush inside the mitten. Yea!

Hibbard Mitten

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